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Masonry Services in Ithan, PA

Masonry Contractor in Ithan, PA

Masonry Services in Ithan, PA - BJK Masonry BJK Masonry offers customers in Ithan, PA a comprehensive range of services ranging from chimney replacements, retaining wall installations, foundation repointing, and block wall services to even basement waterproofing and hardscaping designs. We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for all of your masonry needs in Ithan, PA. Contact us today to learn more about our masonry services and how we can assist you.

Restoration & History Preservation Services in Ithan, PA

Hiring a professional for historic restoration is crucial as it requires specialized knowledge, skill, and experience to properly restore and preserve these valuable pieces of our past. BJK Masonry is a highly reputable masonry contractor in Ithan, PA that possesses all of the skills necessary to restore your historic property. We understand the significance of preserving our heritage and use only authentic and historic masonry methods when working with historic buildings.

Chimney Install, Repair, and Replacement in Ithan, PA

When it comes to chimney repointing, our skilled masons are able to closely match the new mortar to your old mortar in terms of color and consistency to make it blend in with the rest of your home. If you notice that the mortar on your chimney is falling apart and crumbling, then it’s best to call BJK Masonry to have your chimney repointed.

Masonry Services in Ithan, PA - BJK Masonry Chimney Install, Repair, and Replacement

House & Foundation Repointing in Ithan, PA

Crumbling mortar is not only unsightly, but it’s also a hazard. As mortar joints deteriorate, they can no longer provide the necessary support for bricks, causing them to shift and loosen. In extreme cases, this can lead to a collapse. Don’t let this happen to you! Give BJK Masonry a call and ask about our repointing service. Our team will come to your home to assess your situation and provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Basement Waterproofing in Ithan, PA

One of the most effective methods of exterior basement waterproofing we specialize in at BJK Masonry is sump pumps. Sump pumps are installed in the lowest part of your basement or crawl space and are designed to remove excess water that accumulates. They work by collecting water and then pumping it out and away from your property. This prevents water from collecting in your basement.

Retaining Wall Repair Services in Ithan, PA

One of the most common reasons for retaining walls failing is poor construction. BJK Masonry knows that retaining walls serve a crucial function in stabilizing soil and preventing erosion. Therefore, our retaining walls are built with great care and attention to detail. Failure to properly construct a retaining wall can result in a variety of issues, such as bulging, tilting, or even collapsing. If you have a retaining wall that is failing, give BJK Masonry a call and we’ll give you a free estimate to have it repaired.

Masonry Services in Ithan, PA - BJK Masonry Patio, Flagstone, Brick, & Stone Services

Patio, Flagstone, Brick, & Stone Services in Ithan, PA

BJK Masonry is known for its exceptional work in brick, stone, and flagstone installations. In addition to traditional masonry work, BJK Masonry also offers hardscaping services such as pathways and walkways, adding functionality and beauty to your outdoor space. Whether it's a small repair or a large-scale installation, BJK Masonry guarantees customer satisfaction and a lasting result.

Block Wall Installation, Restoration and Repair Services in Ithan, PA

We specialize in repairing all types of block walls and service Ithan, PA and surrounding communities. Whether your wall has cracks, loose blocks, or other damages, our team will provide efficient and long-lasting solutions. You can trust BJK Masonry for all your block wall repair needs.

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From historic masonry, chimney repairs, basements, foundations, waterproofing, CMU walls, brick and stone, and so much more. Our team does it all in Ithan, PA. Call today.

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Another spectacular job by Brendan and his crew repairing my mom's chimney in Havertown. Brendan has done 4 jobs for me and my company and each time he has exceeded expectation ~ Bob Dwyer
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Brendan Kneafsey and his team are highly skilled and perform top-quality work. We had the entire stone foundation of our house re-pointed, a new concrete pathway placed, and a stone garden border placed around the front garden. We couldn't be more pleased with the results of all of these projects. We highly recommend BJK Masonry! ~ Susan Kohlenberg
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Brendan and his crew were awesome. They worked hard, fast, and did a great job. The work was top notch and the crew made the place look better after clean-up than it had before they started. Furthermore, Brendan is a person of high integrity--he even did part of the job for free after realizing it would be less work than he originally thought when he did the estimate. Seriously, find another contractor who would do that! ~ Kevin B
5 star rating icon
Brendan and his team are awesome to work with. They arrived on time, were friendly and professional and did a beautiful job. I HIGHLY recommend BJK Masonry for any project, large or small. Will definitely be using them for future projects. ~ N Nagle
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