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Masonry Services in Ardmore, PA

Masonry Contractor in Ardmore, PA

Masonry Services in Ardmore, PA - BJK Masonry BJK Masonry is a reputable and experienced masonry contractor in Ardmore, PA with a long-standing history of providing high-quality masonry services to residential and commercial clients. BJK Masonry is known for delivering exceptional workmanship, attention to detail, and superior customer service. Our team of skilled masons are experts in all aspects of masonry construction, including brickwork, stonework and blockwork.

Restoration & History Preservation Services in Ardmore, PA

Repointing mortar joints in historic masonry buildings is a crucial process that involves removing and replacing deteriorated mortar between bricks or stones. BJK Masonry specializes in this service and assists historic property owners in Ardmore, PA with all of their historical restoration needs. Careful attention to detail is essential to maintain the historic character of the building. BJK Masonry always uses the appropriate techniques and materials to respect the original craftsmanship of your building.

Chimney Install, Repair, and Replacement in Ardmore, PA

Chimneys are a safe way to remove smoke and gasses from the fireplace. Brick is the most commonly used material for building chimneys because it is a very versatile material. The bricks used for building chimneys are made to withstand high temperatures and harsh weather conditions and are renowned for their strength and durability. It’s a process that requires skill and attention to detail, so you know that by hiring us, your brick chimney will serve you for many years to come.

Chimney Installations

BJK Masonry specializes in the installation of new chimneys for homeowners in Ardmore, PA. We work closely with our customers to come up with an appropriate chimney design that blends in with the rest of your home’s exterior. From design to installation, we take care of every step of the process, providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Chimney Repairs

Some of the most common repairs we handle include fixing cracks or gaps in the masonry, replacing damaged or missing bricks, and repairing or replacing chimney caps. We also provide services for chimney flashing, crown repair, and waterproofing to prevent any future damage.

Chimney Replacement

Our chimney replacement service begins with a thorough inspection of your existing chimney to determine the extent of the damage. Then, our team carefully removes the original chimney in the safest way possible. Next, our expert masons will begin to construct a new chimney using the latest masonry techniques. Finally, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that your new chimney is functioning properly and meets all safety regulations.

House & Foundation Repointing in Ardmore, PA

Masonry Services in Ardmore, PA - BJK Masonry House and Foundation Repointing Is your mortar doing a disappearing act? It’s probably time to have it repointed! BJK Masonry specializes in the repointing of homes and their foundations. If you’re noticing flaking or crumbling, then it’s time to give us a call so we can breathe new life into your masonry! Applying new mortar reinforces the joints and also enhances the appearance of your home’s exterior.

House Repointing versus Foundation Repointing

While repointing is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of any building, the process differs for houses and foundations. House repointing mainly involves removing and replacing damaged mortar between bricks, while foundation repointing also focuses on repairing cracks and gaps in the foundation walls. Both are crucial for preventing water damage, improving insulation, and enhancing the overall appearance of your home. BJK Masonry ensures long-lasting results on all of our repointing services.

Basement Waterproofing in Ardmore, PA

Investing in basement waterproofing, whichever method is appropriate for your home and situation, saves money on repairs and prevents damage in the future. Our waterproofing methods range from using interior sealants, exterior waterproofing and interior/exterior drainage systems. Each situation is different and BJK Masonry has the expertise to know which method will work best for your particular situation.

Interior Waterproofing versus Exterior Waterproofing – What’s the Difference?

BJK Masonry offers a variety of waterproofing solutions but perhaps you’re wondering what the difference is between the two types. Interior waterproofing solutions involve waterproofing your home from the inside. By applying sealants and coating to your walls and floors, we can prevent water from coming into your basement. We also specialize in installing sump pumps, which are another effective indoor waterproofing method.

Exterior waterproofing methods, on the other hand, is more of a preventative solution for helping to keep your basement dry. Exterior systems are installed on the outside of your home to help redirect water away from your foundation and your basement. Exterior waterproofing requires excavation and the use of sealers on the outside of your home to further help prevent water from causing damage.

Retaining Wall Repair Services in Ardmore, PA

The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold soil in place, particularly in a sloped location. Retaining walls provide stability on your property and help to prevent erosion. When retaining walls fail, it’s usually the result of poor installation or design, stress factors in the area that weren't addressed during the building process, drainage issues, or improper materials used during construction. These are all issues that BJK Masonry can address and repair!

Patio, Flagstone, Brick, & Stone Services in Ardmore, PA

Masonry Services in Ardmore, PA - BJK Masonry Patio Services BJK Masonry is a leading provider of patio installation services for customers in Ardmore, PA. With years of experience and a team of skilled masons, we are committed to delivering high-quality and customized patio solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team is well-versed in a variety of materials and masonry techniques, allowing us to offer a wide range of options to our clients.

Patio Services

Whether you’re looking for a small and simple patio, or something larger and more intricate, we have the expertise to make it a reality. Our skilled masons are experienced in working with the most popular building materials such as brick, flagstone, pavers and natural stone. We provide free consultations to discuss your ideas and to come up with a design plan.

Flagstone Services

Our team of skilled masons can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area with custom flagstone installations. We specialize in creating stunning patios, walkways, and retaining walls using high-quality flagstone materials.

Brick Services

With years of experience and a team of skilled masons, we offer a wide range of brick services including repair, installation, and restoration. We install brick hardscaping such as patios, and pathways and can also repair any existing brick patio or outdoor feature that you have in your yard.

Stone Services

Our masons have the expertise to build sturdy and durable stone walls that will withstand the test of time. If you have an existing stone wall that needs to be repaired, we can also help with that. We also specialize in creating compelling outdoor hardscaping designs using natural stone.

Block Wall Installation, Restoration and Repair Services in Ardmore, PA

BJK Masonry specializes in concrete block wall installation in Ardmore, PA. With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected the art of constructing durable and long-lasting block walls for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of skilled masons is trained to handle all aspects of the installation process, from site preparation to finishing touches.

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BJK Masonry is the BEST! Brendan and his crew (Connor and Esteban), did a beautiful job on restoring my chimney. Joseph, the Office Manager, was courteous and helpful. The workmanship they provided was professional, beautiful, and top quality. They worked long and hard hours in the bitter cold to finish my job on time. I am ecstatic with the results, my neighbors are impressed, and I am proud to recommend BJK masonry and restoration to everyone. Brendan, the owner, is honest, fair, caring, and a true gentleman. I am honored to have had him work on this project, and will always use his company for any work I need. In these times, it is absolutely refreshing to find a hard-working, dedicated, and expert company to perform tasks. Brendan, his company, and his crew check all the boxes and meet all the criteria. They are the BEST! ~ Erie Barile
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Though I can’t write a review of the quality of work they do, I can’t say enough about their character. They went out of their way to chase down and save my dog who had gotten loose a couple hours before they spotted her on a main road while on the job. If not for them, my dog probably would not be here. Thanks to them she’s home and safe. ~ Danielle Asbel
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Matched old mortar for necessary repair work perfectly. Thorough repointing for exterior windows, walls, and chimney. Came to accomplish the work promptly and cleaned up the site impeccably during and afterward. Would HIGHLY recommend the entire company - owner, project manager, and crew. ~ Giselle Caldwell
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A great experience from first contact to last. On time, knowledgeable, professional, great workmanship and the price was competitive. Would not hesitate to work with them again! ~ HH M
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